WiFi Sharing Manager

WiFi Sharing Manager for Windows

Allows you to easily share your WiFi with a second computer

WiFi Sharing Manager allows you to share WiFi with another computer. The second computer doesn't even have to have a wireless adaptor card. This handy software will even share the WiFi with older machines that support Windows 98 or Windows 95; not many other adaptors can do that. When connecting your second computer to the WiFi of your first computer, WiFi Sharing Manager makes sure you only pay for the WiFi once. This makes it an ideal solution for people who want to set up a temporary local network, working very well at home or where ever you want, as long as you have a WiFi signal. WiFi Sharing Manager is very easy to use, and in just the click of one button you'll start the sharing and then with just another click of the button you will stop it. WiFi Sharing Manager is a great way to share a connection with another computer.

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WiFi Sharing Manager


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